WWF has launched a major international project aimed at protecting the biodiversity of Russia’s Arctic in the face of climate change. By 2023, the project’s goal is an increase in the percentage of the territory protected in the Nenets, Taimyr, and Chukotka regions – from 11 per cent to at least 14 per cent.

The project, “Conservation of Biodiversity in the Northern Regions of Russia to achieve CBD Goals through Extension and Strengthening of a Protected Areas Network adapted to Climate Change” will identify areas that are especially vulnerable or resilient to rapid change. It will also consider ways to reduce the impact of industrial development on the ecosystems and communities of the north.

WWF is implementing the project in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia. Funding of 8.4 million Euros is provided to the International Climate Initiative by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment.

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