Iceland Glaciers

Source: Google U.K. Edition

Reykjavik, Iceland –┬áThere’s a running joke among many of Iceland’s glacier guides.

“There’s so much meltwater running off the ice,” they say, “someone should buy a boat.” After the financial crash of 2008, tourism in the country flourished and is now at a record high.
But the effects of climate change on its landscape are now as visible as selfie sticks in downtown Reykjavik.

It’s expected that more than two million tourists will visit the country of 340,000 this year. Many of these visitors will pay hundreds of dollars just to experience a brief period walking on a glacier.

Ice sheets cover roughly 10 percent of the island, and on most days, guided tours can be found snaking up and down their surface.

It’s no secret, however, that glaciers around the world are retreating, and Iceland’s most popular ones are melting so fast it’s creating problems for the guiding companies.

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